Fancy Furbabies is a full-service mobile grooming spa that comes right to your home! We provide all of the same services a traditional salon would offer, but with Fancy Furbabies, your pet is an individual and will have their own one-on-one time with groomer Jessica Nadig.
The 12-foot grooming trailer is equipped with everything needed to take care of your pet — no hookups required! When you choose Fancy Furbabies, there is no car ride to the groomer, no waiting for your dog’s turn and no crates. The spa service will be customized to your pet’s needs, and designed to help them feel relaxed and comfortable in a safe, stress-free and calm environment.

Full-Service Spa

The full-service groom for your furbaby is all-inclusive with the best options and products available. The care your pet is given is tailored to their needs, so each furbaby is given a full consultation to find what is best for them and their PAW-rents!
Every dog will receive a bath with shampoo and conditioner for their coat. Deshedding is included for those who need it. Each dog will be blow dried, brushed out and styled as desired. Haircuts are on a comfort before vanity basis. Fancy Furbabies does not provide extensive de-matting services and proper charges will be added as necessary for extra time and work needed to keep your pet comfortable. Each pet will have their nails trimmed and filed to smooth rough sharp edges and keep them as close to the kwik as possible.
Ears will be cleaned and teeth will be brushed as applicable provided there are no health concerns with either area. Gland cleaning for furbabies who are unable to take care of that themselves is available upon request and depends on the pet’s tolerance of the service.
*Please note, due to the size of the bath tub, the mobile trailer does not have the space or ability to accept giant breeds, including Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, Great Pyrenees, Great Danes or Irish wolfhounds.


*Pricing is a general quote and subject to change at all times upon coat condition, animal behavior, health conditions and groomer discretion.